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Zandi, Arnold

Arnold Zandi, who attended UT during 1944–51, assumed his vendor role at UT football and basketball games in 1945. Over the years, he developed names for his products: large carbonated drinks were “burpsies” and small ones were “erpsies.” When Zandi added hot dogs to his vending line, he called them “yummies for the tummy.” His … Continued

Zebra Club

The Zebra Club was formed in Barbara Blount Hall in 1922, its membership to consist of the “horsiest” girls on the campus. The organization was transferred to Henson Hall in 1931 and was limited in membership to 22 female students. The only male member on record was UT President James D. Hoskins. The colors of … Continued

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity (Inactive)

Alpha Nu Chapter was established at UT on April 18, 1942. Zeta Beta Tau was founded in 1898 on the campus of City College of New York. The colors of the fraternity were light blue and white. Among institutional traditions were the annual Treasure Hunt, begun in 1946, and the fraternity’s Greek Stag Party and … Continued

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

The Pi Epsilon Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta sorority was established at UT on October 10, 1974, and rechartered on December 13, 1992. Its 1974 charter was a citywide charter for an undergraduate chapter, since it had been refused recognition by UT because there was no space for the group in the Panhellenic Building. (This … Continued

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at the State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, Virginia, in 1898. Zeta Tau Alpha was the first women’s fraternity chartered in Virginia—by a special act of the Virginia legislature on March 15, 1902. The Zeta chapter was installed at UT in 1904. Zeta’s colors are turquoise and … Continued

Zeta Tau Lambda Fraternity (Local, Became Lambda Chi Alpha)

The Zeta Tau Lambda Fraternity was organized in 1926 and procured its charter as a Greek-letter fraternity in 1927. It was admitted to membership in the Inter-Fraternity Council in 1931, under a 1930 rule granting membership on the council to local fraternities in existence for more than three years. Membership on the council required that … Continued

Ziegler, Delores

Delores Ziegler, mezzo-soprano, received the bachelor of music from Maryville College and the master of music from UT (1979). She made her operatic stage debut in Knoxville in 1978 as Verdi’s Flora. In 1978–79 she was a member of the Santa Fe Opera apprenticeship program. In 1978 she appeared as Verdi’s Maddalena in St. Louis. … Continued

Ziggurat-Shaped Building

The Ziggurat-shaped building on Andy Holt Avenue is the John C. Hodges Library. A massive structure, the architects utilized this shape to better blend an edifice of this size into the architectural fabric of the campus. The two colors of brick employed in its exterior are another device to lessen the mass of the structure.

Zimmerman, Steve

An electrical engineering graduate (bachelor’s, 1984; master’s, 1992), Zimmerman invented the core technology for 360 x 360 degree digital images.

Zip Code 37996

UT received its unique zip code, 37996, in fall 1981. Prior to implementation of the new code, UT mail was sent to the 37916 zip code, which covered not only UT but other areas of Knoxville. UT requested the unique zip code to speed processing of the hundreds of letters and packages a day that … Continued