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Cadmium in the Human Body

In 1953, under a $22,000 research grant from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dr. Isabel Tipton of the UT Physics Department and her research staff mined with a spectrograph in an effort to find, identify, and measure all metallic elements present in tissue and bone. Previously unmeasured in human tissue, cadmium (the tin-white poisonous metal) … Continued

Cafego, George

George Cafego had six dollars and a borrowed suitcase when he arrived at UT in 1936. Cafego considered it a miracle that Coach Robert Neyland came to a baseball field in the summer of 1936 to look at an infielder who played tailback in the fall. Cafego’s parents were deceased, and his married sister couldn’t … Continued

Caldwell, Joshua William

Joshua Caldwell graduated from East Tennessee University in 1875. He studied law in his father’s office and was admitted to the bar in 1877. He was city attorney of Knoxville for eight years, prepared a compilation of the city charter and city ordinances, was Judge Advocate General of Tennessee on the staff of Governor Turney, … Continued

Calendar Girl

In 1957 Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity first hosted a Calendar Girl party, in which 12 UT sorority members were contestants and one contestant (chosen previous to the event as the Calendar Girl by a prominent Hollywood personality) was crowned as the Calendar Girl. The fraternity then distributed calendars with the winner’s picture on the cover. … Continued

Camp Crossville

Now the site of the a UT Experiment Station and 4-H camp, Camp Crossville housed over 1,500 German and Italian prisoners of war between the first prisoners’ arrival in November 1942 and the camp’s closing in December 1945. The federal government purchased the land from former US Marshal Amos Wilkes in 1941. Wilkes was an … Continued

Camp Kallamuchee

In 1923 UT Athletic Director M. B. Banks, botany professor (later, dean of liberal arts) L. R. Hesler, and Professor O. N. Smith began conducting a boys’ camp at Calderwood, Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains. The camp was dedicated to the “physical development of the boy.” Tennis, basketball, track, volleyball, baseball, and football were offered. … Continued

Camp Koinonia

Camp Koinonia (pronounced Coin o nia) is a residential outdoor camp held annually in the spring to provide a camping experience for more than one hundred young people (aged 7–21) with disabilities in the Knoxville area. The camp transferred from VPI to UT in 1984 when Dr. Gene Hayes, an internationally known authority on therapeutic … Continued

Camp Rainbow

The Health and Hospice Services group of UT Hospital initiated Camp Rainbow in fall of 1994 for children aged 6–12 who have lost a loved one. The weekend camp takes place at Camp Montvale, and UT student athletes volunteer their time to help with administration and the camp activities.

Campaign for Comprehensive Excellence (Athletics)

On October 5, 2013, the Athletics Department officially launched its $154.2 million campaign to raise annual, capital, endowment, and planned gift commitments. The campaign actually began July 1, 2013, and was slated to continue until June 30, 2016. The purpose of the campaign was to return Tennessee to the top of the nation’s elite programs … Continued

Campaign for Tennessee

Planning for the ambitious $1 billion development campaign for the combined units of UT began in 2003 and 2004, and the campaign began quietly in 2005. By the time of the April 17, 2008, lavish campaign kickoff celebration at Thompson-Boling Arena, over $700 million had already been raised. The 2008 celebration marked the public phase … Continued