4350 Entries

1000 White Avenue

The board of trustees voted to acquire 1000 White Avenue, the former Tysaman Machine Company building, at its fall 1964 meeting. A gift-purchase arrangement was devised through which $39,000 of the cost was a gift (Tysaman issued notes to UT), and $100,000 was paid by UT over a five-year period. The 50,000-square-foot facility was renovated … Continued

1525 University Avenue

The board of trustees approved the purchase by the Knoxville campus of two buildings on University Avenue, including 1525, at its June 2013 meeting. The adjacent buildings, with less than three acres of parking, had been rented by their owner, Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC), to the State of Tennessee. Completed in 2012, the site … Continued

1610 University Avenue

One of two adjacent buildings and less than three acres of associated parking was approved by the board of trustees for acquisition by the Knoxville campus at its June 2013 meeting. This facility was allocated for use by the UT system’s Institute for Public Service. IPS had occupied space in the Andy Holt Tower and … Continued

175th Celebration of the Chartering of the University

In May 1968 a central coordinating committee was appointed by President Holt to plan the 1969 celebration of the 175th anniversary of the chartering of UT as Blount College. Members of the committee included Dr. Kenneth Knickerbocker, representing the faculty; Dr. Joseph Johnson, representing the administration; Nancy Parker, a journalism sophomore from Knoxville, representing students; … Continued


On September 10, 1794, the Territorial Assembly (of the Territory South of the River Ohio) issued the charter for Blount College, the institution that has evolved into the University of Tennessee.

1794 Society

Since 1960 UT has had gift clubs and recognition societies for donors to the institution. The 1794 Society was established in 2001 to recognize donors whose gifts range from $5 million to $10 million.

25 Millionth Football Fan

In 2003 the Athletics Department held a Year of the Volunteer Fan promotion in which one fan was chosen while entering the stadium for each home game and designated as Fan of the Game. Game fans (Dr. David Irvine, Keith Walls, Phyllis Smith, Carl Smith, Maxine McPeak, and Jim Clayton) received various gifts. The 25 … Continued

4-H Centers

The UT Institute for Agriculture maintains three (four from 1962 to 2009) 4-H Centers across the state, each of which offers modern facilities for hosting 4-H camps and for rental for other purposes. Totaling over 355 acres, all centers are accredited by the American Camping Association.

4-H Centers—Buford Ellington

The Buford Ellington 4-H Center was opened in 1962 and closed in spring 2009 because of lack of funds to meet the standards of other 4-H camps operated by UT. At the time of closure, the estimated cost of required renovations was approximately $5 million. The center adjoined the Milan Research and Education Center (formerly … Continued

4-H Centers—Clyde Austin

Located near Greeneville, the center comprises 75 acres and can accommodate up to 336 individuals any time during the year. This center traces its roots to 1935, when approximately 55 children camped at the Research and Education Center in Greeneville (formerly Tobacco Experiment Station) located near the site of the current center. They slept in … Continued