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NAACP Student Chapter

The UT student chapter of the NAACP held its first official meeting and was recognized as a student organization on November 14, 1989.

Nabelek, Igor Vojtech

The first UT-affiliated individual to serve as a judge at a Winter Olympics event was Dr. Igor Nabelek. Nabelek, a professor of audiology and speech pathology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville until his retirement in 1997, served as a judge for long-jump competition in skiing at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New … Continued


The Nahheeyayli Club was organized in fall 1924 by the Men’s Pan-Hellenic Council for the purpose of promoting a better spirit of fellowship among students and placing social activities in the university on the highest possible plane. From that time on, the Nahheeyayli Board was the only on-campus organization permitted to book “out of town” … Continued

Names of the University of Tennessee

Names of the institution have included the following: Blount College, 1794–1807; East Tennessee College, 1807–40 (a rechartering); East Tennessee University, 1840–79; and the University of Tennessee, 1879–present. In 1968 the UT Board of Trustees reorganized the university into a statewide “system” with primary campuses in Knoxville, Martin, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis (Medical Units). A chancellor … Continued

Nance, Eleanora

In 1920 Eleanora Nance became a maid in the Foods Department of the College of Home Economics, a post she would hold for 37 years. During those years, she wound into a ball of twine notes of events, notes about people, keepsakes, and other memorabilia. When a portion of the Home Economics Building in which … Continued

Nancy Gore Hunger Chair of Excellence in Environmental Studies

Vice President Albert Gore Jr. established the Nancy Gore Hunger Chair of Excellence in Environmental Studies. The formal announcement was made by Gore on campus May 2, 1994. He partially funded the chair with proceeds ($50,000) from his book Earth in the Balance and assisted the university in raising the remainder of the $450,000 required … Continued

Nash Hall (President’s/Chancellor’s Residence, 1960–2009)

“Nash Hall,” the official residence of the president of the University of Tennessee (the residence of the chancellor of the Knoxville campus from 1989 to 1999) is located at 940 Cherokee Boulevard. In 1930 the federal government purchased land on Main Street, including the home of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Starnes Nash, for a downtown … Continued

Nashville Civic Design Center

The College of Architecture and Design established the Nashville Civic Design Center in 2000 to provide a means for the public to participate in issues related to planning and physical growth of Nashville. The center advised Nashville on key redevelopment projects and acted as a catalyst for formulation of a new civic urban design plan … Continued

Nathan Dougherty Society

The Nathan Dougherty Society was established in 1997 to recognize donors establishing endowed athletic scholarships with gifts of at least $125,000 through the Volunteer Athletic Scholarship Fund (VASF).