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Paintball National Championship

The 13-member UT paintball team won the National Collegiate Paintball Association championship in 2011, coming from behind (1-4) to defeat the California State Long Beach 49ers 5-4. The club president was Anthony Sanders, and the team captain was Joey Baggott. The team had previously won the Southeastern Conference titles, with an overall season success of … Continued

Pakistan Student Organization

In fall 1982 the Pakistan Student Organization was formed with the principal goals of introducing Pakistani culture on campus and assisting Pakistani students to recover from initial culture shock and helping them with their studies.

Panhellenic Building

Construction of a Panhellenic Building was approved in February 1962 by the board of trustees. Ground was broken in March 1963, with April Gardner, president of the Panhellenic Council, and Dr. Frank Bowyer, UT trustee, turning over the first shovelfuls of dirt. The 51,022-square-foot Panhellenic Building was occupied in fall 1964. It was built to … Continued

Panhellenic Building—Major Repairs

On April 30, 1991, an advisory task force appointed by Vice Chancellor Phil Scheurer met to consider the problem of major renovations required in the Panhellenic Building. The task force was composed of three active sorority members, three sorority alumnae, and three faculty/staff members. The major problem was that the first floor of the building … Continued

Panhellenic Building—Rape of Employee

In spring 1979 two women working in the Panhellenic Building at midday on Saturday were tied up in the Panhellenic Office by a man wielding a knife and a gun. One of the two was raped.

Panty Raids

Crowds of men estimated anywhere from two hundred to two thousand congregated in front of Stuart’s Tea Room about 9:15 on Monday, April 20, 1959, and then charged down to the women’s residence halls, gathering recruits as they went in UT’s major entry in the national “panty raid” trend. Girls in the residence halls shouted … Continued

Parachute Club Deaths

Activities of the UT Parachute Club were suspended indefinitely in May 1973 following the death of a second student. Richard Karp drowned April 20, 1973, after drifting off course into Douglas Lake while making his first parachute jump. On July 9, 1972, Brenda Faye Ervin, also making the first parachute jump, fell to her death.

Parasite Named for Faculty Member

In 1999 the parasitic organism Sarcocystis speeri was named for C. A. Speer, UT dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and professor. An internationally known electron microscopist, Speer was part of the team that discovered the parasite, and the team named it after him. His research, conducted principally during his 25-year … Continued