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Quayle, Anthony

Anthony Quayle came to Knoxville in spring 1974, through a partnership with the Kennedy Center, starring in Henry Denker’s The Headhunters, which rehearsed and opened at the Clarence Brown Theatre and then moved on to the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theatre. Quayle was appointed as professor in theatre in 1974. He taught classes as an artist … Continued


UT students first introduced the muggle version of Quidditch to the campus on November 6, 2013. A combination of many sports, including rugby, soccer, tag, and some elements of football, the Quidditch governed by the International Quidditch Association’s rule book is a full-contact, coed sport with seven players to a team. The terminology and rules … Continued

Quindry, Kenneth E.

Dr. Quindry joined the university as research professor for business and economic research in 1968 and retired in 1982. He became recognized as a specialist on taxation and an adviser to the governors and legislatures of Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin on matters of finance. In addition to numerous studies on tax and finance … Continued

Quinn, John J.

Dr. John Quinn served as chancellor of UT Knoxville and professor of physics and engineering science and mechanics from 1989 to 1992, when he resigned the chancellorship to assume the Lincoln Willis Chair of Excellence in his research area of condensed matter physics. He resigned as chancellor in January 1992, following harsh faculty criticism that … Continued