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Several years prior to the turn of the century, UT began its conversion of systems to be compliant with the requirement that date fields not be two digits (assuming that the first two numbers would be 19). In early spring 1997, Tennessee higher education systems received one-time grants from the State to update their computer … Continued

Yale Avenue Urban Renewal Project

The Yale Avenue Urban Renewal Project was formally signed on May 23, 1963. The project resulted from an agreement between UT and the Knoxville Housing Authority (KHA). UT Law alumnus Frank B. Creekmore served as chairman. Under the agreement, the KHA acquired all land not then owned by UT lying between Fifteenth and Twenty-third Streets … Continued

Yale Avenue Urban Renewal Project Award

At the Silver Anniversary Conference of the Southeastern Regional Council of the National Association of Housing and Urban Development Officials, the Knoxville Housing Authority and the University of Tennessee jointly won the award for Most Successful College Expansion Program. The July 1965 award recognized college expansion projects being effectively carried out under Section 112 of … Continued

Yale Avenue Urban Renewal Project—Refusal to Sell Homes

Irene P. Bowman, age 65, whose two-story frame house at the corner of Yale and Temple Avenues had been designated as the site of the new Humanities Complex, refused to give up her home. She rented rooms in the house and in a small gardener’s cottage at the rear of the house, and a niece … Continued

Yarbrough, Marilyn Virginia

Marilyn Yarbrough was named dean of the College of Law in 1987, the first black dean of a major Southern Law School and the second African American female dean of a law school. A Kentucky native, she earned the bachelor’s degree in English from Virginia State University and worked for IBM and Westinghouse as her … Continued

Yater, Moss

Moss Yater (class of 1924) is responsible for the recognition of the Southern Intercollegiate Golf Association by the Southern Intercollegiate Conference in 1924, resulting in golf meets having the same standing with the SIC as football, basketball, and baseball. He also was a principal organizer of the first conference golf tournament. At UT he was … Continued

Yates Dissertation Fellowships

The Yates Dissertation Fellowships were established in June 2000 with a generous bequest from the estate of Arthur E. Yates (1915–1997), president of Yates Bleachery Company and a dedicated friend of UT. The stipends to support the final stages of preparation of the dissertation that are funded by the Yates Graduate Fellowship Endowment are equivalent … Continued


The name of the UT Yearbook is the Volunteer. The yearbook was first published in 1897, and its first editor was Norman H. Pitman. Its first publication was delayed by several weeks because a major fire in downtown Knoxville destroyed the printing company at which it was being printed. It has been issued annually since … Continued

Yee-Haw Industries

Yee-Haw Industries was a partnership of Bryan Kevin Bradley, who attended UT from 1988 to 1993, and Julia Eileen Belcher, BFA 1986 (and also MFA from New York’s School of Visual Arts). It was a letterpress art print shop and creative studio that produced unique, art-like products that received worldwide acclaim. Yee-Haw’s work was selected … Continued

Yellow Ribbon GI Enhancement Program

UT’s College of Business joined the Yellow Ribbon GI Enhancement Program in 2011. The program provides institutions such as UT with the ability to fund tuition expenses that exceed in-state tuition costs. Under the program, UT could waive up to 50 percent of the costs and the Department of Veterans Affairs would match the waived … Continued