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Rebranded as DocuCare, iCare is an educational software program that integrates electronic health records (EHR) into a simulated learning tool for students. Developed by Tami Wyatt and Matt Bell of the College of Nursing and Xueping Li and Yo Indranoi of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of the College of Engineering, the program was … Continued

Ice Hockey

Men’s ice hockey at UT is a club sport begun in 1967 that has achieved national attention. In 1987 the UT team became the Southern Division Champions of the Southern Collegiate Hockey Association League, attracting average crowds of five hundred for their 11:15 p.m. games at the Ice Chalet. In 1991 they competed as a … Continued

Identification Card Validation

Prior to June 1994, student identification cards were validated each quarter/semester by application of a paper stamp upon them, which required that students wait in line for the validation. Beginning in June 1994, the university adopted an identification card system that allowed for electronic validation that the cardholder had paid fees for the current term. … Continued


The Ignite program began as an opportunity for three hundred incoming freshmen to take part in a three-day retreat at Coker Creek, in Tellico, Tennessee, designed to help students shape skills offered through the Center for Leadership and Service in the Division of Student Life. In 2013, when statistics showing that 94 percent of Ignite … Continued


IMPACT was begun in 2013 as a student organization dedicated to promoting campus traditions and school spirit and to encouraging a culture of student philanthropy. It was absorbed by the Student Alumni Associates in 2014. The group’s largest effort was the I Heart UT Week, held for the first time in 2013. The week encouraged … Continued


The first impoundment of appropriated funds by the state was in 1937. In fall 1980, the state impounded $2,750,000. The money was gathered by a 1 percent budget assessment from each UT Knoxville department, delay or cancellation of construction projects, and an $11 increase in the Student Health Fee (from $25 per quarter to $36 … Continued

In Vivo

“In Vivo” is the newsletter of the UT Division of Biology. It began publication in spring 2001.

In-State Residency Status

At its winter 1975 meeting, the board of trustees voted to drop its requirement that a student be domiciled in Tennessee for one-year before becoming eligible to pay in-state fees. All individuals domiciled in Tennessee (those who are permanent residents of  Tennessee, having come to Tennessee for reasons other than to pursue education) were to … Continued

In-State Tuition Payment by Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians pursuing study at UT Knoxville are assessed in-state tuition. The policy was effective for fall 2007. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians Higher Education and Training Program annually provides a list to UT Knoxville of the students to be assessed in-state fees. While most of the … Continued