Volopedia is a collaborative work, and in the Volunteer Spirit, there are several individuals whose contributions merit special acknowledgment.

Betsey B. Creekmore had the vision of an encyclopedic history of the University of Tennessee, and wrote the all initial entries for Volopedia. Without her it would not exist, and we thank her for her dedication to telling the history of UT, and her financial support of the project.

Jayne Smith and Marie Garrett contributed their editorial expertise. Both now retired from UT Libraries, they copy edited Volopedia – more than one thousand pages of entries and text. Their editorial contributions included fact checking and cross-referencing entries.

Once the initial draft was written and copyedited, Alesha Shumar managed the Volopedia project. As University Archivist, she will continue to oversee expansion of the work, both entries and accompanying images. Shumar selected the name Volopedia, a playful combination of Volunteer + Encyclopedia.