North College/Humes Hall

The original, one-story part of this structure was built in 1842 and was known as the East Dwelling House, or sometimes the Allison House. In 1871 the trustees leased the East Dwelling House to A. K. Foster and the West Dwelling House to M. W. Janney, with the understanding that each would board students with “wholesome fare” at a cost of $2 per week. They were also to furnish lodging, fuel, and lights to as many students as could be accommodated at $3 per month. The university paid Janney and Foster 83-and-one-half cents per month for each student boarded.

In 1874 the East Dwelling House was greatly enlarged, with the basement being converted into a chemical laboratory and the upper floors being dormitory floors to house 96 students. The enlarged facility was named North College. The basement chemical laboratory had a dirt floor.

With the completion of the new science building in 1892, North College was enlarged again in 1896 and renamed Humes Hall. When ready for use on September 6, 1896, it had steam heat, electric lights, and running water. It served first as a men’s dormitory, became a women’s dormitory in 1917, and then reverted back to being a men’s dormitory. Humes was taken out of service in 1940 because of its deteriorated condition and allowed to sit empty. The structure, which was at the southernmost edge of the site of Buehler Hall, was razed in 1950.

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