“T” Across the River

In fall 1923 those attending the UT vs. Tulane football game got the first look at a large white “T” in clear view from the Hill and the bleachers on Shields-Watkins Field placed flat on the bank across the river. The placement of a mammoth “T” on the bank across the river—150 feet across and 200 feet wide—was being sponsored by the All-Students’ Club, and a temporary one of cheesecloth was installed to monitor the effect of the image. The plan was for the “T” to be made of concrete with a top made of marble. The “T” was painted on the ground, but on March 13, 1924, the student newspaper reported that the winter rains had all but washed the symbol away and that there seemed to be some question about Mr. S. B. Luttrell’s (the owner of the land) agreement to have a more permanent “T” installed. No permanent “T” was installed

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