Homecoming ’86 Tennessee Trivia Game

When the governor’s office looked for an entity to create the questions and answers for a Tennessee trivia game in August 1985, UT was the answer. Pepsi Cola had agreed to underwrite the project as a fundraising vehicle for public schools. Five thousand questions and answers in six categories, two levels (one suitable for children 7–12 and one for ages 12 and up) was the requirement. Time available to create, test, and polish—one month. Game Central was created in Andy Holt Tower, and a core team was created, assisted by computer specialists to program, sort, and classify the questions. The team, under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellor Betsey Creekmore, worked in shifts, virtually around the clock. The games were sold to schools for $7.50 each (the cost of production), and the schools resold them for $15. The goal was to raise $1 million for public schools in Tennessee. UT received no funds for preparation or from the sale of the games.

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