Hog Cholera Vaccine

The US Bureau of Animal Industry began its investigation of the cause of hog cholera in 1887 and found what they thought was the cause—bacillus cholerae suis. Dr. Marion Dorset, an 1893 UT graduate, however, discovered that the actual cause was a filterable virus. In 1903 Dorset developed an immunization program that used both blood of a cholera-sick hog that would ordinarily kill the experimental hog, and blood from an immune hog. In 1908 Dorset published his findings and called a congress of representatives from states to tell them of the simple way to produce the swine-saving serum.

He patented his hog cholera serum to protect its purity and dedicated it to the public, making it possible for anyone to use his method of making serum without paying royalties. Dorset continued to work to refine his method of treatment, beginning work on a crystal violet vaccine that was not perfected until 1946, ten years after his death.

Another UT professor, Dr. Moses Jacob, also developed a hog cholera vaccine, in 1908, that was used with success.

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